J H Huang
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Reviews & Praise

Lt. Gen. David W. Barno, USA (Retired)

Marine Corps Gazette


"J. H. Huang's The Art of War will serve admirably to educate and inspire policymakers and leaders at all levels charged with confronting this century's demanding conflicts.

"[I place Mr. Huang's] version of Sun Tzu... into a category which I simply call 'nifty'...."

"The organization of the book lends itself to being used as a field manual or an after-action checkoff list for any conscientious young noncommissioned officer....

"Mr. Huang presents Sun Tzu's principles concisely and in a unique military format for the novice student of The Art of War."

Six out of seven readers gave this book five stars!


Lisa Scottoline

"May be the greatest book on war every written... Time-tested poetry for the strategic mind."

"A fascinating translation... which served as a source for Rough Justice."

Los Angeles Times

Arthur Waldron

"The Art of War, written 2,400 years ago, retains its relevance as a treatise on winning....  Its lessons in combat tactics and troop management have made it a standard text in business school classes."

"For those accustomed to the standard version of The Art of War by General Samuel B. Griffith, USMC, published in 1963, much in Huang's translation will be striking… [but Huang is] on solid ground philologically…. the realist approach to Sun Tzu helps to dispel the air of exoticism that sometimes envelops Oriental military classics."

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