J H Huang
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The Art of War: Sun Tzu

Translated, edited, and with commentary by J. H. Huang
with a new foreword by Lt. General David W. Barno, USA (Retired)
Previously published as
Sun-tzu: The New Translation

Sun Tzu
, or, as it is known in the West, The Art of War, is the earliest strategic book in human history.  It is also the most brilliant and widely applied strategic book every written.  The greatness of Sun Tzu likes in its sweeping grasp of strategy's comprehensive truths, and with inspiring prose it forges these versatile principles into an uncomplicated but perfectly tangible system.

Although Sun Tzu is comprised of only 6,000 characters, its comprehensive essays offer limitless avenues for study.  Three points are of particular importance:

First, throughout Sun Tzu there is no mention of defensive warfare.  Second, Sun Tzu's position, to our knowledge, is that the purpose of strategy is not conflict but advantage; conflict serves as no more than one of the many strategic tools.  Therefore, conflict is a tactical choice rather than a certitude.  Third, armed conflict shou,d never be lightly initiated; it must have unequivocal strategic value.

ISBN: 9780061351419; ISBN10: 0061351415
Imprint: Harper Perennial Modern Classics
On Sale: 4/8/2010
Format: Trade paperback
Trimsize: 7 1/2 x 9; Pages 304
$14.99, ages 18 and up

J. H. Huang is currently working on a study of Laozi, the ancient philosophical classic that is sometimes referred to as Lao-tzu, the Daodejing, or the Tao Te Ching.  Written in about the sixth century B.C., this work is attributed to a man referred to as Laozi and is comprised of what are now known as 81 short chapters.  This study will be based on the copies of Laozi found in the Mawangdui and Guodian texts, as well as dynastic versions.
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