J H Huang
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The Art of War: Sun Tzu

Translated, edited, and with a commentary by J. H. Huang

The Harper Perennial Modern Classics edition
with an new foreword by Lt. General David W. Barno, USA (Retired)

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There is no doubt that J. H. Huang's new translation of Sun Tzu will be valuable to anyone who is a student of The Art of War.  It will be used by scholars for years to come.

-- General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
The landmark translation based on the Linyi text

Over 125,000 copies sold
Sun Tzu's Art of War is the classic work on strategic thinking.  Throughout recorded history, Sun Tzu's wisdom, rules, and philosophy have been eagerly embraced by warriors, leaders, and gentle contemplators alike.

This edition is an entirely new text based on manuscripts discovered in Linyi, China, in 1972 that predate all previous texts by as many as one thousand years.  To better convey Sun Tzu's original intent, J. H. Huang traced the roots of the language to Sun Tzu's own time, before 221 B.C. 

In addition to this wonderfully clear interpretation, J. H. Huang gives readers an introduction to the history behind The Art of War, includes six appendices -- five of which were uncovered at Linyi and are not available in any other edition -- and offers his own insightful comments on the meaning of the text.

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